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Kidder Mathews is the largest independent commercial real estate brokerage group on the West Coast, with more than 500 brokers performing $10 billion in transactions annually (3-year average). Since we see more transactions, our clients benefit from superior market knowledge and transaction expertise.

The brokerage division focuses their expertise in the following areas of specialization: Industrial, Office, Retail, Investment, Multifamily, Technology, Life Sciences, R&D, and Corporate Services. In each specialty, we have experienced professionals who can help you with your real estate requirements locally, nationally, and internationally.


Brokerage Services

Regional Leadership

Brian Hatcher, President & COO
206.296.9600 / brian.hatcher@kidder.com

Mark Read, President of Brokerage
858.369.3010 / mark.read@kidder.com

Pacific Northwest

Brian Hatcher, President & COO
206.296.9600 / brian.hatcher@kidder.com

Northern California & Nevada

David C. Nelson, Regional President, Brokerage
415.229.8890 / david.nelson@kidder.com

Greater Los Angeles

Jim Kruse, Regional President, Brokerage
213.225.7249 / jim.kruse@kidder.com

Southern California & Arizona

Eric Paulsen, Regional President, Brokerage
949.557.5079 / eric.paulsen@kidder.com