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Holly Yang

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Local Investment Sales experts with an international reach

Holly Yang and Jay Bennett are leading brokers of the Kidder Mathews Asia-Pacific Services group. As seasoned professionals, Holly and Jay are dedicated to providing best-in-class, multilingual brokerage solutions to developers, investors, and owners in the Greater Seattle region and abroad.

Team Members

Holly has been working in commercial real estate brokerage for the last 16 years, specializing in the acquisition and disposition of investment and development properties. In 2013, Holly joined Kidder Mathews to launch the Asia-Pacific Services platform in the Greater Seattle market, representing both buyers and sellers in brokering properties in multi-family, land development, office, retail and industrial sectors.


Jay is a proven self-starter with a passion for real estate. He started in the industry in 2017 as an investor in multifamily residential properties and has performed acquisition, property management, and general contracting work. Before joining Kidder Mathews, Jay had a successful career in the oil & gas industry, providing $60 million in value while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Successful Team Track Record


Why Kidder Mathews Asia-Pacific Services?

Drawing from over 20 years of seasoned brokerage experience, exceptional marketing, contract negotiation, and research skill sets, the team excels in developing well-thought-out disposition strategies that ensure an efficient and professional sale process.

We pride ourselves on diligently guiding each client through all aspects of the buying process with best-in-class market intelligence, creative thinking, and integrity, without a language barrier.

We consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ investment team and business operations. With our unparalleled reputation based on trust and integrity, we are your indispensable long-term business partner that will help you with the long-term stable growth of your real estate investments in the US.

Our longstanding relationships with local real estate developers and property owners allow us to uncover off-market opportunities that may not be available to others.

Our team has a unique capability to maximize the owner’s investment returns by positioning commercial properties to qualified developers, institutional, and private investors beyond the US market.

Available Properties


Mr. Ben Zhang

First time buyers know just how complicated and overwhelming commercial real estate transactions can be, but Holly and Jay made the entire process very smooth and simple.

Ms. Lili Lu

I highly recommend Holly and Jay for their exceptional work ethic, communication skills, and dedication to their clients. For over a decade, they have supported me through multiple transactions. Recently, while under contract to sell an apartment complex, a county regulation issue arose that threatened the deal. Holly and Jay went the extra mile, working directly with the county, to resolve the issue. Their expertise and willingness to take on additional responsibilities saved the deal. simple

Mr. Gang Qiao and Mrs. Hong Liu

Wow! Can’t believe this is already the 5th deal your team has brokered for us in past few years. For each deal we are just so blown away by your expertise in the Puget Sound area and first class brokerage services. You have become an indispensable partner to us for our commercial real estate investment in greater Seattle market. Looking forward to many more years of our happy partnership.

哇! 不敢相信过去几年里您的团队已经帮我们代理买卖了5个地产项目。 每一次交易,你的专业都让我们叹服,这是大西雅图地区一流的商业地产经纪服务。 您已成为我们在大西雅图市场商业地产投资的不可或缺的合作伙伴。 我们期待与Holly的团队将来的长期合作。

Ms. Xiaojian Gao

Since our team entered into greater Seattle market to look for mixed use development projects in 2015, we’ve been working with Holly and Holly’s team every step of the way. Holly presented a lot of potential properties, both listed and off-market. We eventually purchased an off-market property and it’s under construction right now. Analysis show that the purchase is a very successful one. The projected return exceeds our initial expectations.

Encouraged by the success of the first project, we continue to work with Holly and purchased another off-market property in 2017, once again, analysis show the purchase is a very successful investment. Within a year, the estimated land value has increased 50%.

These successful investments won’t be possible without Holly’s help and her tremendous resources/information about the off-market properties. Holly understands the needs of her clients and can help her clients achieve their investment goals with her knowledge about the Seattle real estate market. Her experience, her resources and her client-oriented services are the reasons of her success as well as ours. Holly will always be our go-to agent if we want to do another real estate investment in the Seattle area in the future.

自2015年我们的团队进入西雅图市场寻找混合开发项目以来,整个过程是Holly和她的团队一直在帮助我们完成。 Holly向我们推荐了许多具有开发潜力的项目,其中包括了上市和未上市的地产项目。我们最终购买了一个未上市的项目,现在正在施工中。分析表明,我们的投资是非常成功的。预计回报超出了我们的初步预期。在首个成功项目的鼓舞下,我们继续与Holly合作,在2017年再次购买了另一个未上市的地产,分析再次显示这是一个非常成功的投资。在一年内,土地估值增加了50%。如果没有Holly的帮助以及她强大的信息和资源,这些成功的投资将无法实现。 Holly了解客户的需求,通过她对西雅图房地产市场的精准分析帮助客户实现投资目标。她的经验,资源和以客户为导向的服务是她的成功以及我们成功的原因。我们将来在西雅图地区投资房地产,Holly毋庸置疑会是我们的首选代理。

Ms. Jessica Niu

Holly’s team listed and sold my shopping center at full listing price in less than 2 months period after going on the market, which totally exceeded my expectation. I can’t be more pleased with Holly’s pitch perfect execution in selling our property from strategic planning, marketing process to final closing. What’s more, Holly has provided valuable and practical advices to issues during our ownership time. Thank you for your professional service!

Holly的团队最近挂牌出售我投资的商业中心,成绩出乎我的意料。短短不到两个月,以百分百挂牌价过户!我对Holly 团队所提供的房地产中介服务百分百满意。在我持有物业的几年里,Holly不间断地对我的地产出现的问题给予切实可行的解决方案。Holly在整个销售流程中,从前期精心策划,市场营销, 到最终过户,每个环节无不稔熟到位。感谢你们的专业地产服务!

Mr. Ken Xia

I have hired Holly as my broker before. She is very professional, patient, creative and negotiated great deals for me. She has first class communication skills and understands customers' exact needs and communciates clearly and precisely between buyer and seller. She works hard and follows things through and on time. She provides guidance only when appropriate and necessary, and she gives customers' freedom to make their own decisions. Holly has negotiated great deals for me, and I will hire her again for my future transactions.

我之前聘请Holly作为我的地产经纪人。 她非常专业,耐心,富有创意,谈判中帮我争取到了很好的价格。 她拥有一流的沟通技巧,准确把握客户的需求,精准清晰地协调买卖双方之间的交流。 她工作努力,执行力强并且非常守时。 她只在适当和必要时为客户提供指导,给客户空间去做决定。 Holly帮我谈到了好的项目,我会再次聘请她作为我的商业地产经纪人。

Mr. Steve Smith

Holly has for many years successfully helped investors with purchases and sales of commercial real estate making her a go-to professional service provider. Holly also helped me lease office space, which is not her focus area, but she was involved to insure I had a good experience. This allows me to speak to her client service professionalism including strong local market knowledge, transactions experience, and excellent, timely communication with clients. That process went very smoothly, and we were very happy with the results.

Holly多年来成功帮助投资者购买和销售商业房地产,使她成为我们大西雅图地区商业地产行业里的领袖。Holly帮我们租到了Bellevue CBD办公空间,尽管办公室租赁不是她的核心领域,但她的敬业确保我们的交易成功顺利。我们非常认可Holly在商业地产上的专业度,包括对于本地市场的熟悉和深入了解,交易经验以及与客户的良好及时的沟通。整个过程非常顺利,我们对结果非常满意。

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Kidder Mathews is structured to focus our energy on delivering the best outcome for your business. We have the experience and connections to suggest and provide innovative solutions and act decisively. This allows us to make a meaningful impact on our clients’ business, often in nimble and unexpected ways.

From a platform combining the best in talent, systems, and technologies, we design and deliver a scope of services to meet your unique investment or corporate objectives.

Kidder Mathews offers a complete range of commercial real estate services.

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