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Theater Way

"Dormant no longer"

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This historic building, adjacent to a new large downtown movie theater, had been vacant for more than 10 years and had long been neglected. Based on our experience representing landlords and tenants in the downtown cores of the Peninsula, we knew there was a unique opportunity for the owners to upgrade their building to be responsive to tenant demand while respecting and restoring the late Gothic architecture.

Our vision for The Theater Way project was to reconfigure the building to complement the newly constructed downtown Theater District. The district would benefit from a prominent downtown corner retail location that would include the Quinto Sol Restaurant. In addition, there would be two additional spaces that would host retail shops, along with the upgraded office space that would eventually be accessible with a main entrance on Theater Way.

Our team, in cooperation with the building’s ownership, created the initial layout, working and coordinating with the design builder. The Team also coordinated and negotiated with the Redwood City Planning Department to modify the building configuration to achieve a well-balanced office/retail masterpiece.


Applying the combined efforts of our city planning experience, creativity, and marketing process, our team fully leased the building prior to completing construction. At the time our lease rate with the office tenant set the high water mark for office space in downtown Redwood City. With the building improvements complete and new leases in place, the project was dormant no longer.

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