Brokerage Manufactured Housing & RV

The Kidder Mathews Manufactured Housing and RV group brings deep commercial real estate expertise and market knowledge to assist in the acquisition and disposition of these assets. We represent a diverse clientele including investors, developers, and private buyers and sellers for this rapidly growing asset class.

The manufactured housing and RV industry is currently undergoing an extraordinary period of growth, meeting the pressing demand for affordable housing solutions.  These communities provide a vital source of accessible and budget-friendly living spaces for a diverse range of residents while remaining a profitable investment opportunity for savvy owners.

Our Manufactured Housing and RV Resort specialists are highly attuned to the latest industry developments, shifts in legislation and regulations, and changes in market trends. With an extensive network within the industry, our professionals have a proven ability to anticipate market trends, identify opportunities, and drive client success.

The services and expertise we offer includes:

  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Valuations
  • Cost segregation
  • Debt & equity services

Regional Leadership

Brian Hatcher, President & COO
206.296.9600 / brian.hatcher@kidder.com

Mark Read, President of Brokerage
858.369.3010 / mark.read@kidder.com

Pacific Northwest

Brian Hatcher, President & COO
206.296.9600 / brian.hatcher@kidder.com

Northern California & Nevada

David C. Nelson, Regional President, Brokerage
415.229.8890 / david.nelson@kidder.com

Greater Los Angeles

Jim Kruse, Regional President, Brokerage
213.225.7249 / jim.kruse@kidder.com

Southern California & Arizona

Eric Paulsen, Regional President, Brokerage
949.557.5079 / eric.paulsen@kidder.com