Valuation Advisory Arbitration & Mediation Services

Kidder Mathews provides arbitration and mediation services for real property disputes. These forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can be both effective and at times more economical than the use of legal options available through the courts.

Whether our clients require MAI designated appraisers as demanded by contract arbitration clauses or are seeking experienced valuation experts to help solve unique problems, we strive to understand both their objectives and the particular constraints of a dispute and then deliver a decision that resolves the matter at hand.

Kidder Mathews Advantage

ATTENTION. The specifics of a case are carefully studied at the outset, to best understand how to plan a course for resolution.

TECHNIQUE. A systematic process is established that addresses the rights and concerns of the parties involved, and also protects the decision that is ultimately rendered.

PRECISION. Research and analyses are focused on relevant issues, using appropriate logic and reasoning that addresses the matter being arbitrated or mediated.

PROGRESSION. Efforts are made to move deliberations toward resolution, with attention paid to timing requirements established by the process.

COMMUNICATION. Clients are kept continually apprised of case progress, to the extent permitted by ground rules applicable to the assignment.

PROTECTION. Once the case is resolved, steps are taken to formally document and deliver a decision, ensuring its efficacy and ability to withstand challenges.

ADR Services

  • Arbitrations
  • Mediations
  • Contract Language Interpretations
  • Lease Establishment & Renewal
  • Purchase Price Determination
  • Landlord/Seller Representation
  • Tenant/Buyer Representation
  • Neutral “Third” Arbitrator Service


PLAN a course for resolution

CONDUCT detailed research, investigation, and analyses

COMMUNICATE effectively throughout the process

SECURE a defensible result

UNDERSTAND client’s needs and objectives

DEFINE the issues, constraints, and opportunities

CAREFULLY consider potential conflicts of interest

Representative Assignments

Arbitration l Santa Clara County

Party arbitrator representing a municipal entity as the landlord in ground leases of multiple office campus sites with a Fortune 50 high-technology company, in Santa Clara County, California.

Arbitration l Los Angeles

Neutral arbitrator for a land lease reset. The dispute was over the amount of rent for three parcels near Los Angeles International Airport improved with office and structured parking buildings.


Neutral arbitrator for interpretation of an agricultural development lease covering several thousand acres of land on an Indian Reservation. The dispute was over approval of certain expenses incurred during the development process.


Mr. Dennis P. Drennan

I want to compliment you on a very well documented, well-reasoned and well-written appraisal for our arbitration of a rent readjustment with a major tech firm. I have a pretty good sense of what a good appraisal looks like, and this one falls in the “Excellent” category.

Mr. Chris Hahn

We closed this morning on the sale of the property. Your work was key to helping us determine, and demonstrate to the buyer, the accurate property value. Thank you very much!

Mr. Andy Williams

Thank you very much for the efficient and expedient conclusion to this process, in the short time frame we had. It has been a pleasure to work with you and I have been impressed by the professionalism demonstrated throughout.

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