Los Angeles Office Market Report

1st Quarter 2024

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The Los Angeles office market continues to face challenges in the first quarter of 2024, as tenant activity remains relatively subdued, leading to a persistent shortage of leasing activity and an increase in vacancy rates. In light of the current market conditions, landlords must maintain reasonably consistent rent levels while still maintaining the standard of their properties, interior amenities, and mortgages.

Tenants are still assessing their needs for offices, even as many are thinking about subleasing spaces, downsizing, or looking for alternate office locations. This reflects the ongoing struggle for companies to balance their requirements with the demands of their workforce.
Landlords provide a different viewpoint, therefore there is some speculation. As a source of market confidence, they point to the media and post-production sectors.


In 2024, the Los Angeles office market will continue to be an important commercial hub for many industries, including commerce, finance, entertainment, technology, aerospace, and tourism. The city benefits from its huge and diversified population, its strategic West Coast position, and its ties to international markets. The overall state of the economy might influence business decisions about the requirements for office space. Notwithstanding any encouraging developments, tenants may continue to exercise caution because of general economic uncertainties.


The local office market has a dismal prognosis; total availability and vacancies could rise. In Downtown districts, it appears that tenants are moving out of less appealing buildings and congregating in higher-quality spaces. This highlights the importance of building class and location, and the little decrease in sublease availability suggests some stabilization.

Several causes, such as the return to work and the expansion of the tech sector in Los Angeles, are driving demand for office space. Several important sources of talent include prestigious colleges like USC, UCLA, and Cal Tech, which sustain an expanding innovation community.

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