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Mark Fraser

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Sean Brennecke

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Oregon’s Trusted Healthcare Experts

With more than 50 years of experience, Mark Fraser and Sean Brennecke are Oregon’s go-to experts for healthcare and dental tenant representation. Additionally, they specialize in the leasing, acquisition, and disposition of healthcare and dental real estate.

Mark and Sean go beyond finding great office space and take pride in being long-term partners for their clients.

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Meet the Team

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Mark Fraser brings over 40 years’ experience in Portland commercial real estate to this assignment. He built and led a 60-person commercial real estate firm, he represented the largest office tenant in the market, and assisted one of the largest health systems in management of its 4,000,000-sf portfolio in Oregon and SW Washington. He has been named the Office Broker of the Year by his peers. During his career, he has brought success to each group with which he’s worked.

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Sean is a commercial real estate broker (licensed in both Oregon and Washington) that specializes in healthcare real estate services in both Portland, OR and SW Washington. Working with Mark Fraser, the team represents clients in the leasing, acquisition, and disposition of healthcare real estate. A problem-solver by nature, Sean is a highly-organized, action-oriented individual that clients count on to get the job done right. He is fiercely dedicated to developing his healthcare real estate expertise and being a “best in class” resource for his clients.

Tenant Representation Services

Office Relocation
When it’s time to move your office or clinic, we can help. Our thoughtful execution of well-laid plans has given our clients savings, flexibility and opportunities to make their real estate work for their business.

Lease Renewals
Often, staying put makes the most sense. We have helped some of the largest (and some of the smallest) organizations in our area accomplish their goals without moving an inch. We specialize in lease renewal negotiations.

Building Purchases & Sales
Sometimes an investment in the ownership of your business’ home makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t. We have helped our clients evaluate the “lease vs. buy” decision & helped them identify and purchase their next office building. After closing, we keep them updated on the value of their investment and, when appropriate, take their property to the market for sale.

Additional/Satellite Offices
Interested in testing a new market? We’ll compile demographic data, insurance data, and competitors’ location information to help you determine the optimal location to open your next office.

Lease Abstract Services
You probably look at your lease once or twice during the term. We look at leases every day. With our abstracting service, we will thoroughly review your lease and give you a “Cliff Notes” version with financial highlights, critical dates, and a list of the rights and obligations contained in your agreement.

Office Growth/Consolidation
Your office space should contribute to your success, not limit it. If your business is growing, we will help you strategize to achieve the best office space solution; one that supports your growth and success.

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What Sets us Apart

We go beyond simply finding you great space. We strive to create real value and deliver substantial results that positively impacts our clients’ profitability, time and peace of mind. Here are a few ways we make a difference:

With 50 years of experience under our belt (including 5 recessions), we’ve just about seen it all. We solve real estate problems, plain and simple. Have a real estate problem? Bring it on.

We live and breathe healthcare real estate. Through the information we consume each day to the work we do for our clients, we dedicate ourselves to understanding the latest trends in healthcare real estate for the benefit of our clients.

We specialize in finding solutions where others have only seen problems. Do you think that Hospitals holds all the cards in negotiations? We don’t.

Your company already has a business plan. We’ll build a personalized real estate plan that can scale with your business plan to help you achieve your long-term business goals. It grows out of a clear understanding of who will fill each roll, time-frames and budgets. So that the end of the process looks like what was promised at the beginning.

When anyone within your clinic has an issue (whether it’s real estate related or not), we want you to give us a call and know that it’s handled, plain and simple.

Our services go beyond the completion of a lease, and we in fact remain a resource and consulting arm after a lease is signed.

Our commission is paid by the landlord, so there is no cost to you. Most businesses would rather not spend more time on achieving their real estate goals than they absolutely have to. We have found that a crystal clear real estate plan that matches a client’s business plan, with clear assignments and deadlines, takes time out of the process and ensures success in real-time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of hiring an agent?
A: There are several benefits, including:
– Knowledgeable 3rd party to negotiate for the most favorable terms possible on your behalf
– Financial savings, because you are negotiating in an atmosphere of competition.
– Time savings, because we do this all the time.

Q: Why wouldn’t I just try and do my own negotiating first, and then bring in an agent if I need one?
A: A successful negotiation is one that starts with a well thought out strategy and critical path. We’ve found that when a Landlord is negotiating directly with a Tenant, with no broker reminding the Landlord of the competition, the Landlord will inevitably try to make a “captive” deal, rather than a competitive one.

Q: How much does it cost to hire an agent?
A: Nothing. We won’t charge you a dime. It’s the industry standard for the landlord to pay our fee. In fact, our research shows that our compensation is usually a small fraction of our clients’ savings.

Q: When is the ideal time to discuss my commercial real estate needs?
A: It depends on the size of the business and the real estate need. However, if you are looking for new office space, or if you are considering renewing your lease, we recommend starting to understand the market 24 months prior and commencing the renewal/relocation process at least 12 months prior to your lease expiration.

Q: Why do new tenants get better deals than existing tenants on renewals?
A: They don’t always. It is extremely expensive for the landlord to lose a tenant. If the landlord understands their tenant is strongly considering alternative locations, the landlord will almost always make significant concessions to renew the tenant.

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