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Steven Brombal
& Joshua Rhee

Commercial Real Estate Experts

Steven C. Brombal

Senior Vice President | Shareholder T 949.557.5048 LIC N° 00972129 steven.brombal@kidder.com vCard

Joshua Y. Rhee

First Vice President T 949.557.5052 LIC N° 01914094 josh.rhee@kidder.com vCard

The team of Steven Brombal, Josh Rhee, and Kari Pond are members of the Orange County Kidder Mathews Multifamily Services group. The Orange County, CA based group of local experts have 60+ years of combined transactional experience in the apartment and multifamily land development brokerage sector. Our multifamily brokerage team is known for true professionalism, integrity, and client-centric brokerage resulting in an enviable and coveted track record spanning more than six decades.

In our consultative and advisory approach with clientele in the Orange County apartment market, we explore all options in structuring a sale or purchase tailored to our clients’ best interests leveraging our industry insight and expertise. Analyzing all valuation possibilities creates a comfort level for clients from first-time sellers and long-term private capital owners to savvy value-add specialists.

Meet the Team

steven brombal orange county multifamily broker

Steven Brombal has 30 years of multifamily advisory and brokerage experience in Orange County. Steven has built an enviable reputation for professionalism and integrity over his years of experience in multifamily brokerage.

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Joshua Y. Rhee specializes in multifamily assets and development sites in Orange County and Los Angeles County, primarily the East San Gabriel Valley. His primary area of expertise is listing and selling apartment assets of $2 million and greater in Orange County.

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Kari Pond has been providing administrative and marketing support to the Brombal team for over 15 years. Kari oversees the team’s investor database, manages the legal transaction documents & closings, and helps find creative solutions in our office processes. She is committed to top-notch customer service and helps to ensure efficient and smooth transactions.


Steven and Joshua were a pleasure to work with and were able to make what could have been a very difficult deal a seamless and smooth transaction. They are the consummate professionals and one of the most thorough and well-prepared teams that we have ever closed a deal with. I look forward to our next deal.

Sean R., Co-Founder, Waterford Residential

Orange County Multifamily Brokerage Services

Our services include assisting Orange County and the greater Southern California region's owners and investors in both the disposition and acquisition of apartments and mixed-use buildings. We also specialize in the marketing and sale of infill development sites for residential and mixed-use development throughout the Southern California market. Our team of local industry experts with decades of experience and connections also brings refined expertise in debt placement – both purchase money and refinance, property management, interior, and exterior property renovations, and landscape.

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    "You are the best at what you do: (1) detail-oriented, (2) excellent focus, (3) know your market, (4) understand what it takes to get a transaction over the finish line, and (5) most importantly, skilled at making a deal. Thank you."

    TOD R.

    "Steven Brombal is the consummate real estate professional in all aspects of buying and selling an apartment investment. He exercises the utmost integrity and honesty during the course of a transaction. He is well-informed, has excellent market knowledge, and communicates every detail in a timely fashion. I would recommend that anyone considering buying or selling an apartment investment use Steven Brombal. I will use Steven as my broker for future transactions."

    JAMES M.

    “It would be inappropriate for me not to confirm my sincere appreciation for the professional and experienced way in which you and your staff handled the recent sale of our 27 units in Orange. I have been involved in many transactions in over 50 years in the business and have never received more appropriate or professional service from a broker. Your outstanding success speaks for itself. Kindest personal regards and with admiration and appreciation.”

    R EARLE W.

    “In my over 25 years in the real estate investment field, and as a retired real estate broker, I have experienced the working ability of hundreds of agents either through my employ or through outside transactions. Your performance in the sale of my Costa Mesa apartment units was the best in the business. Your honesty, reliability, performance, follow-through and professional know-how are outstanding. It was a pleasure to deal with a true quality broker.”


    “I want to thank you and your able staff for the support and encouragement during this search and for helping me to make the correct decision. As you know, these decisions are often made on both a subjective and a financial basis. I cannot compliment your efforts enough on both counts. In addition, I also wanted to make mention of another observation. I truly have enjoyed and benefited from the services of a true professional. You freely made available your extensive knowledge, not only of the marketplace, but your years of experience. I saw this expertise demonstrated repeatedly as we worked our way through the terms and conditions of multiple offers on various opportunities. I always felt a strong and certain sense of security that I had the best advice available.”

    GARRY W.

    “Excellence in market knowledge, analysis skills, timing of negotiations with buyer and seller, closing procedural knowledge, knowing when to ‘press’ or not, keeping buyer and seller informed of progress and/or problems to solve (while they remained small), structuring the sale where buyer and seller feel their input and desires are listened to, yet structured for the highest percentage of closing. Professional while persistent, persistent while personable.”


    “We’re especially pleased to say this about Steven Brombal, who guided us through our recent apartment sale exchange. Steven is unflappable, personable, assertive, informed, and sympathetic. These are, of course, the qualities of any good real estate agent, but we find Steven outstanding in all those qualities. In short, he’s one hell of a professional.”

    C. SMITH

    “Steven epitomizes the professional image of real estate salesmanship. Competent and thorough in every aspect of his client/agent relationship. I unconditionally recommend him to my friends.”

    SEAN R.

    I would like to sincerely thank Steven Brombal, Joshua Rhee, and their team for their professionalism and attention to detail in an extremely complex transaction. Steven and Joshua were a pleasure to work with and were able to make what could have been a very difficult deal a seamless and smooth transaction. They are the consummate professionals and one of the most thorough and well-prepared teams that we have ever closed a deal with. I look forward to our next deal. Thank you again!

    DR. & MRS. MARTIN R.

    “If all the agents I ever dealt with were as professional as Steven Brombal, I would be thousands of dollars ahead of the game and have fewer gray hairs to show for it all.”

    MARIE & REX S.

    “We would give Steven Brombal the highest possible recommendation. We found him to be highly ethical and very well-informed in both financial planning and all aspects of realty. He is a true professional in his field of endeavor. If he has any future need for recommendation, it would be our privilege to give him the highest ratings.”

    PETER W. E.

    “I have been represented by Steven Brombal in 12 separate real estate transactions. I found him to be extremely professional in his handling of these transactions. I was always kept informed. I was always advised of options available to me. Steven has an extensive file of information on income properties and can immediately tell you if the type of property you are looking for is available. I went back to Steven for all my other transactions because I found him to be the best, and I am looking forward to my next transaction with him.”


    “Steven Brombal’s professionalism, communication, and attention to detail are surpassed by none. I never hesitated to recommend Steven when the opportunity arises as I have every confidence in his ability to initiate and/or successfully close a real estate transaction.”

    CHRIS R.

    “I can’t thank you enough for your true professionalism. Multiple offers, short DD period, short closing, probate, trustee, and several other hurdles to overcome. Knowing I had non-refundable money at risk, I truly appreciate you going out of your way to help us with the due diligence, the City, the previous management company, and with the Trustee. You were with our team every step of the way. Your market knowledge, attention to detail, and deal integrity were instrumental in getting this deal to the finish line. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.”


    “I wish to express my appreciation for the outstanding professional manner in which you handled the sale of my apartment building. You were on top of everything from beginning to end. This was the smoothest real estate sale of the more than seven I’ve had in the past 40 years.”

    BOB L.

    “During the last 5½ years I have had the opportunity to get to know Steven Brombal on a professional level quite well. He has listed and sold six different apartment buildings for me in the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach area. In each case the listing, marketing, sales, and final escrow have been handled in a very professional manner. Steven helped in getting various contractors in for inspections and required repairs, met with the buyers and their agents as well as the City inspectors. I would not hesitate to recommend Steven to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a piece of investment property.”


    “Please accept this message as a token of my appreciation for the efforts put forth by you and your team at Kidder Mathews in representing me as a seller for the mixed-use commercial building in Newport Beach, California. From the beginning of the sale transaction to the end, you were thorough and prompt with responses, and skilled in the details of selling real property. While all of that is expected of an experienced broker, you set yourself above the others in providing effective advice throughout the sale process, including the marketing campaign, managing negotiations with multiple buyers, and even the interface with property managers, tenants, and vendors. The result was a close of escrow leaving both buyer and seller pleased with the outcome. I consider that to be the definition of success in the trade of real estate.”


    “Qualities that you bring: knowledge of the investment real estate market; a professional quality in your dealing with people; you follow through with what is critical; you communicate and keep your client informed; a source of clients that are ready, willing and able to invest in the right property. I would not hesitate to call on you again and would enthusiastically refer others to you.”


    “Steven is the consummate real estate professional. He is dedicated to serving his clients throughout the entire transaction and works tirelessly to ensure that the needs of his clients are satisfied. Throughout my 15-year association with Steven, I have been able to observe firsthand the professional and ethical manner in which he conducts business. It is a pleasure to work with Steven Brombal.”

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