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Bids were solicited from several general contractors based on a fee and conditions request for proposal. A guaranteed maximum price contract was executed with the successful bidder.

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87,000 sq ft
corporate headquarters
days for construction

Project Outline

Kidder Mathews’ Project and Construction Management group was hired to oversee the build-out of an 87,000 sq ft corporate headquarters facility in a new, state of the art mid-rise office building. The design included executive, sales and tech support work spaces and incorporated the tenant’s established worldwide facility requirements. The construction timeframe was compressed between delivery of the landlord’s premises and WatchGuard’s timing of their quarterly earnings preparation, leaving just 87 days for construction, cabling and furniture installation. The tenant improvements occurred simultaneously with the shell and core construction.

Synchronizing all of the tenant improvement activities, and maintaining the schedule through impacts and delays caused by the shell and core construction, presented a big challenge to the project team. A final project complexity was WatchGuard’s decision to market, sublease and build out two separate subtenant areas, hoping to be able to better control future expansion opportunities. All of this was accomplished through careful coordination with the property owner, multiple contractors and numerous vendors.

Our Approach

The team’s scope of services included assistance with the lease negotiations and with the selection process for the architect, interior designer, consultants and general contractor. In addition, services included management of the tenant improvement construction as well as coordination of the phone/data cabling and the move vendor bidding and installation. As a result of our strong communication, project leadership and team coordination skills, WatchGuard moved in on the scheduled date, allowing the staff to immediately focus on product support and the completion of a crucial quarterly earnings report. Both subtenant spaces were quickly leased and all occupancy date commitments were met.

Services Provided

  • Project & Construction Management
  • Lease Negotiations

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