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Hired to completely reevaluate their real estate needs and to negotiate for a new location.

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5,000 sq ft of office
50,000 sq ft

Project Outline

Kidder Mathews’ was hired by Titus to completely reevaluate their real estate needs and to negotiate for a new location or renew their lease if appropriate. Titus is a heavy manufacturer of small plastic and metal parts for the furniture industry. Their manufacturing space incorporates multiple plastic extrusion machines and metal forming equipment. Certain temperatures, lighting, and ventilation must be maintained and heavy electrical sources and distribution are required. 50,000 sq ft with 5,000 sq ft of office was needed.

The Kidder Mathews Team used the Tenant Services System to evaluate, process, and negotiate the new terms. Most time was spent on the first step of the system which is to interview managers, engineers, and to document present and future space requirements. This is done before touring to ensure we are visiting appropriate facility alternatives. It also ensures that we submit correct proposals and receive back results that we can compare on an apples to apples basis. After receiving proposals from five candidates, it was determined that the most cost-effective alternative was to renew at their current location.


Although Titus did not eventually relocate, the new terms that The Kidder Mathews Team negotiated for their renewal resulted in a 15% discount from their previous rental amount including incentives, remodeling allowance, and rental discounts and an option to renew.

Services Provided

  • Facility needs analysis
  • Site selection analysis
  • Market Leverage
  • Financial comparison analysis
  • Renewal terms negotiation

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