Seattle, WA

Seattle Monorail Project

Provided 3rd-party valuation & strategic consultation.

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Project Outline

Kidder Mathews Valuation Department provided valuation services and litigation support to the Seattle Monorail Project. Numerous properties along the Green Line were analyzed and fair market value estimates were established for properties that were to be used for Monorail stations. Many of the property owners contested Seattle Monorail Project’s offers to purchase, resulting in significant litigation support provided by our firm in support of our value conclusions. While we worked directly with Seattle Monorail Project, we interacted with their counsel and right-of-way agents to assist a smooth transition in the pursuit of Seattle Monorail Project’s acquisition of station sites.


We provided independent, third-party valuations and strategic consultation regarding the valuation of the properties and potential litigation actions to Seattle Monorail Project representatives specific to potential value challenges. Because of our services, none of the condemnation actions ever went to trial with all cases settling out of court either through negotiation or mediation.

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