Mountain View, CA

Mountain View Municipal Land Leases

Multiple properties downtown, in the North Bayshore District, and along the Highway 101 corridor, in Mountain View, California.

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Project Outline

The City of Mountain View – home to Google and several other high-technology firms – owns a substantial amount of land within its boundaries.  It has historically leased these properties to developers and owner/users for the construction and occupancy of office buildings, R&D headquarters facilities, hotels, and the like.  On occasions when it has required ground leases to be established, or contract rents periodically reset, Kidder Mathews professionals have provided appraisal and arbitration/negotiation services.


Determine market values and ground lease rental rates for unique land holdings, including sites in the city’s downtown central business district with public parking lots requiring retention as part of new development; land adjacent to the Highway 101 corridor encumbered by utility easements and affected by contamination; and multiple large parcels in the North Bayshore District that are improved with office and R&D facilities occupied by a major high-technology firm.


In each case, the City was able to either establish new ground leases with developer lessees, or to extend contracts with the noted technology company.  These resulted in ongoing revenues to Mountain View exceeding $10 million per year – without the need to involve neutral arbitrators or the protracted process sometimes associated with third-party resolutions.

I want to compliment you on a very well documented, well-reasoned and well-written appraisal for our arbitration of a rent readjustment with a major tech firm. I have a pretty good sense of what a good appraisal looks like, and this one falls in the “excellent” category. Again, thanks for an excellent report and very successful resolution of our case on a short time frame.

Mr. Dennis P. Drennan Real Property Program Administrator | City of Mountain View, CA

Services Provided

  • Market Value Appraisals
    Market Rent Appraisals
    Negotiation Services
    Arbitration Services

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