After two years of searching for an appropriate site, US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) engaged the Project & Construction Management team at Kidder Mathews as project manager for their new facility and tenant improvement project.

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14,001 sq ft
$1.5 million
project completed within budget

Project Outline

The U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) is a direct reporting unit of the U.S. Army
that provides command and control of the Army’s medical treatment facilities, providing
preventive care, medical research and development and training institutions. MEDCOM was
looking to expand their services off-base, to ensure quality care for those not living on the base. Tenant improvements totalling 14,001 sq ft were needed to address several challenges to meet a 5 month delivery target, including:

  • In the lease, demolition of the space was stated as landlord’s work and was to be part of the TI allowance. This work had to be bid separately and the demo finished while the construction documents were being completed.
  • Asbestos was found in the VCT mastic in several areas of the old flooring. This had to be abated prior to the floor prep work.
  • Due to the clinic’s area of the existing building being built in 2 phases, the floor leveling was a mess. Major preparation was needed to either fill in low areas or grind down high
    spots in the flooring in order to meet the clinic’s requirements.
  • Department of Defense blast specifications for the existing windows created a challenge in finding a solution that met with MEDCOM’S approval.


The successful lease negotiations with the Corps of Engineers (acting as agents for MEDCOM) were concluded within in a very short time frame by Erin French. The Corps was impressed with how quickly Erin handled all the details and coordination with the owners.

Even with all of the unknown issues and MEDCOM requirements, the 1.5 million dollar project was completed within budget, met MEDCOM’S stringent specs, and was delivered in a short duration.

The South Sound Clinic at Memorial Medical Plaza opened to its first patients on April 3rd, 2013.

Services Provided

  • Protection of tenant interests
  • Construction oversight
  • Financial analysis
  • Consulting
  • Contract negotiations

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