Orange County, CA

Marywood Center

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over appraised value

Project Outline

  • The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County wanted to replace Marywood Center as the properties improvements were not functional for their use
  • Highest and best use was as a redevelopment opportunity. However, the site had some significant issues, ranging from hillside slippage; geotechnical and historical,
    which needed to be overcome to maximize the value
  • Assurance of close was critical given the acquisition of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA


  • The Kidder Mathews team of Eric Knowles & Robert Fletcher generated over two dozen offers, ultimately obtaining a value that was approximately 20% over appraised value, ($19,500,000)
  • Negotiated significant non-refundable/released deposits, occurring over the duration of the 18 month Escrow period with the New Home Company, a large publicly held residential developer


  • Escrow closed on schedule
  • Developer obtained their Tentative Tract Map

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