Renton, WA

Marabou Corporate Park/Roadway Express

A desire to be located as close to Seattle as possible.

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Project Outline

Roadway Express hired the Kidder Mathews team to find them a new facility as a result of the City of Seattle condemning their historical location in South Seattle. Although the search covered the entire South Puget Sound region, Roadway’s desire was to be located as close to Seattle as possible. South Seattle had almost zero undeveloped land available so the search also included assemblages, contaminated sites and sites that were not openly on the market.


After careful consideration, research and analysis, the Desimone Trust site was selected in South Seattle. It was a completely vacant raw land site. A developer, Sound Ventures, was under contract for the site but had been experiencing tremendous difficulty both with the seller and with the Municipality of King County. Doug held the deal together by being heavily involved with the King County approval process with the developer. This allowed the buyer and seller to understand the difficulties relating to the permitting process and the steps that each party had to take in order to develop the site.

Services Provided

  • Site selection analysis
  • Leasing services

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