Seattle, WA

Isilon Office

Integrated Design Team creates a pleasant and energy efficient working environment.

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Project Outline

The 130,000 square foot office encompasses three floors of a newly built LEED certified office building. The company chose to locate in the revitalized Pioneer Square neighborhood to be close to other technology companies and to provide employees with all of the benefits of an urban setting. To help ensure employees will take advantage of the public transport, carpooling, and alternate commuting options, the company has a discounted carpool program and the building provides extensive bike commuter infrastructure.


Working with the general contractor and designers, Kidder Mathews LEED consultants were able to insure the construction process minimized toxic adhesives and sealants and that all floor covering and paints were without toxic chemicals. The office is also able to increase air circulation throughout the three floors to keep fresh air circulating at all times. Tight controls on material selection enabled the project to utilize recycled materials for 20% of the project while also insuring that 10% of the materials were locally produced.

Despite its heavy use of technology, the office uses a sophisticated system to keep energy usage low. All of the systems were commissioned prior to occupancy to insure they are running as efficiently as possible.

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