Every asset is unique, requiring experts to integrate solutions to maximize tenant satisfaction, reduce operating costs and overall asset value.

Kidder Mathews’ Building Engineering Services is built on licensed and experienced building engineers, proven and qualified contractor and vendor relationships, and technical and administrative resources integrated with a 24-hour Customer Service Center and Corrigo’s SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) web-based service order management and automated dispatch system.

Automated dispatch allows Kidder Mathews’ Building Engineering Services team access to service orders while in the field. The system provides real-time tracking of progress for each service request and a robust preventive maintenance system, including inventory management for parts of each building’s assets. Reliable hands-on attention to a property results in a longer life cycle of building systems and components, lower operating costs, and reduced risk from property emergencies, with a higher degree of occupant satisfaction.

As part of Kidder Mathews Asset Services, Building Engineering Services provides tenants 24 hours a day emergency response through its Customer Service Center (CSC). CSC is an integrated call center, a service dispatch, an onsite management and engineering team communication platform to ensure rapid response and resolution of all tenant calls. Kidder Mathews Asset Services later analyses the data to identify chronic trouble areas, track repair trends for budgeting purposes, provide long-term tenant satisfaction, and assist with lease renewal negotiations.

Our engineering services

Engineering Solutions A one-source solution for building maintenance and engineering, creating value and mitigating risk for our clients

Licensed & Experienced Engineers Troubleshooting and self-performing tasks with qualified professionals

Sustainability Preventive and predictive maintenance schedules and specifications to maximize systems’ life, reliability and productivity, occupant comfort

Maintenance Services Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other best-in-class trade specialists to deliver one-time and recurring contract services (as needed)

Cost Analysis Maintaining records of work performed, hours utilized, and cost to aid planning to create actionable information.

24/7 Emergency Response Live support 24 hours a day call response to building emergencies, reducing response time, and mitigating the effects of prolonged emergencies

Routine Maintenance Routine property and equipment inspections, coordinating building services and contractors, troubleshooting repairs and equipment breakdowns, developing preventive maintenance schedules, tenant interaction, emergency response, maintenance, and repair

Budgeting Maintenance hours, contract, and service work are budgeted for cost control and to ensure adequate maintenance coverage