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Asian real estate investment in Silicon Valley heat, has changed from the past, the type of home-based merchants to do business group type. In recent months, several Asian investment groups have spent hundreds of millions on a series of commercial real estate in Silicon Valley.

Their targets range from office parks to restaurants, and from these deals it can be seen that they remain bullish on the outlook for Silicon Valley, even if the real estate value here is high. Chad Leiker, chief vice president of commercial real estate brokerage firm Kidder Mathews, said: “Silicon Valley is also a hot spot for investors and Asian investors still consider the area a starting point for innovation and buying real estate.”

The most active Asian investor, the affiliate of the Han’s Laser Technology Group in mainland China, bought at least 199 million yuan this spring for four properties, including downtown San Jose and commercial properties in the north and Sunnyvale .

In terms of amount, the largest buyout case for Asian investors took place in September, with CBRG Global Investors, representing Korea Post and the California Retired Teacher System, $ 3000 million buying 3000 to 3200 Tannery Way in Santa Clara 941,000 square feet of land, although the CBRG did not disclose how many investors and how much each contributed.

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